Board and Advisors

Domenic CarosaChairperson: Domenic Carosa

Domenic Carosa is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Future Capital. Prior to this he co-founded Destra Corporation in 1993, when he was in his late teens and then listed it on the Australian Stock Exchange in May 2000. At the time, Domenic was the youngest CEO of a public-listed company in Australia.

Under his direction, Destra branched out from its core web hosting business (which he sold for $19million in December 2005) to become Australia’s largest independent media and entertainment company with annualised revenues over $100m in 2008. He stepped aside as Destra CEO in April 2008. Domenic is the past Chairman of the Internet Industry Association and holds a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University.

Scott HandsakerDirector: Scott Handsaker

Scott is CEO and co-founder of Eventarc, having previously co-founded and run a successful web development consultancy in 2004.

Prior to that Scott spent three years in Asia managing technical help desks, including two seperate 24 hour sites in Singapore with around 150 staff.

Andrew EdwardsDirector: Andrew Edwards

Andrew is CTO and co-founder of Eventarc. He has been responsible for overseeing all product development since the early days of Eventarc, taking the product from the whiteboard to a world class event registration solution.

Prior to Eventarc Andrew co-founded a web development firm, spending five years as the technical director.