Eventarc in 2014: A new approach to Event Registration

Posted by: Michael Calle on Monday 20th January 2014
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If you haven’t already heard, we’ve been seriously busy at Eventarc.

Back in December we announced a new version of Eventarc was on the way to thunderous (kind of) applause. This new version of Eventarc not only brings an all new user interface to the table, but also completely rebuilds Eventarc from the ground up to be both faster and more stable. We’ve got our sights set on launching in the next month, but thought we’d show you guys a little bit of what to expect from the new Eventarc.

Event Registration Tutorial

Our new tutorial will get you up to speed in no time.

Event Registration Summary

Eventarc’s revamped event summary gives you all your event’s info in one easy-to-glance snapshot.

Event Registration Style Editor

All your

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There’s a new Eventarc on the way…

Posted by: Michael Calle on Thursday 14th November 2013
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It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us at Eventarc no?

We didn’t mean it. Promise.

See we’ve actually been hard at work building Eventarc’s future. And we’re finally ready to start sharing it with you.

In the new year, Eventarc will be getting a complete facelift that we think you’re all going to love. We call it new Eventarc.

What’s changing?

Quite a lot actually. See Eventarc has been using the same codebase since we began this journey back in 2007. In tech years, that makes Eventarc an old man, even if we’ve had a few plastic surgeries along the way to keep up.

With the new Eventarc, we’ve rebuilt everything you love about Eventarc from the ground … Read more »

How Not to Run a Conference

Posted by: Scott on Thursday 12th July 2012
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Business and academic conferences, as you probably know, are the butt of endless jokes. Of course, anything that’s imbued with corporate or Ivory tower bureaucracy and fakery will be made fun of. But I think the derision toward conferences results from something more than that. The fact of the matter is that for at least the majority of people, conferences can be a little tedious, at worst a waste of time and money.

The most one can hope for is to meet someone with whom you can do business or seek personal/professional advice. All those days of speeches, workshops, and catered food, typically end up being a huge waste of time. Those who do enjoy conferences are probably excited about … Read more »

7 ways an event manager can make their day more productive

Posted by: corina on Monday 7th May 2012
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Image credit: stopnlook

1. Find a sorting system that works for you

Whether you keep your files and resources in the cloud, on your desktop or in a filing cabinet, they need to be accessible and organised.

For digital files, tags can make it easy to sort through and find particular items, while folders and categories can help you to keep different projects separated.

Physical items can be easily sorted into different places – drawers, files or folders. They can also be colour-coded with labels or post-its to make them easily recognisable.

Choose whichever method you find easiest to manage.

2. Stick with what works

Once you’ve developed a filing system that works and you’ve chosen the best tools … Read more »

How to promote your small business with events: an interview with entrepreneur Peter Wallhead

Posted by: corina on Thursday 3rd May 2012
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After recently highlighting 5 tips for running events to promote your small business, we’re expanding on this theme by interviewing someone who has done just that.

Peter Wallhead

Peter Wallhead is the founder of Wallhead Web, a web design, development and marketing agency in Hobart Tasmania, and Jobric, a microsourcing site designed to help people find the expertise and stuff they need.

Peter spoke to us about his experience running events to promote his business and the lessons he has learned along the way.

EV: Where did you first get the idea of using workshops as a way to expand your business?

PW: I was given advice from the Startup Tasmania (ST) community that the best way to increase … Read more »

4 creative alternatives to slideshows for your next event

Posted by: corina on Tuesday 1st May 2012
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Image credit: INPIVIC

Even if you’re a pro at creating engaging slideshows, using the same tools at every event can easily get boring.

Here are four alternatives to slideshows to make your next workshop or meeting more interesting. Can you add any more to this list?

1. Whiteboards

A whiteboard, chalkboard or even an easel and butcher’s paper will give you more flexibility than a slideshow. Starting with a blank canvas and coloured chalk or markers, you can create an engaging presentation as you go. You might even want to start by pre-setting some basic notes or designs before your event begins, and adding to it with the help of your audience.

For a truly interactive event, using a whiteboard … Read more »

3 tips for encouraging word-of-mouth about your event

Posted by: corina on Monday 30th April 2012
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MicrophoneImage credit: sparetomato

Word-of-mouth is generally considered one of the best ways to promote a product or service. When it comes to your event, word-of-mouth is a useful method of increasing awareness and attracting new attendees.

Encourage your attendees to recommend your next event to friends and family with these three tips.

1. Make it easy to share

Making it easy to get the word out is your first step. Making it easy to find your social media accounts will help your attendees to follow and connect with you. Add details like your website, Twitter handle and Facebook URL to your promotional materials and your event website.

Having brochures or fliers available for attendees to take will encourage sharing … Read more »

Extending the life of your event with social media: a 4-step guide

Posted by: corina on Thursday 26th April 2012
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Using social media you can connect with your audience outside the confines of your event’s running time. After your event especially, you can develop relationships by continuing discussions, sharing content and getting to know your audience better.

Use this four-step guide to extend the life of your event with social media.

mobile phoneImage credit: Dominik Syka

1. Make connections during event:

During your event, incorporate social media and begin creating connections with your attendees. Encourage them to check-in on Foursquare and follow your account. Promote your brand’s Twitter handle and any event-specific hashtags you are using. Ask attendees to like your Facebook page or sign up to your email newsletter.

Add your social media accounts to any posters, cards or flyers … Read more »

23 of the best event invitations you’ll ever see

Posted by: corina on Tuesday 24th April 2012
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The more creative an event invitation, the more memorable it will be. Take a look at these impressive designs that include pop culture references, interactive elements and even some gardening!

Spinning wood

This wood block invitation includes a spinning wheel that reveals facts about wine and the wine making process. Follow the link to see it in action.

8-bit mario

This 8-bit wedding invite comes complete with a pull-tab to make the couple move in and out of the Mario-style green pipe.

Burning man

Taking the interactive element much further, this Burning Man invite uses “invisible” ink made from lemon juice to hide the event details. Attendees use a cigarette lighter to heat up the ink and reveal the hidden message.

Fabric and sticker

Using accept and reject stickers, … Read more »

5 tips for promoting your small business with events

Posted by: corina on Monday 23rd April 2012
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Image credit: David D

For small business owners, running events can help to increase awareness of your brand as well as adding to your profits. Here are 5 tips to ensure your event is a hit and a promotional success.

1. Choose your content wisely

Choosing the content for your event is your first step.

Play to your strengths when choosing your focus topic. Think about your areas of expertise and your brand’s specialties within your field.

Look at your target demographic as well. What do they want to learn more about? What do they ask you about most often?

Choose information that you feel comfortable presenting and add your own unique elements. Try to work within your brand’s Read more »