How to make your conference relevant in the Internet age

Posted by: corina on Thursday 19th April 2012
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conference room

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With technology so prevalent today and social media slowly infiltrating every aspect of our day-to-day lives, audiences are a different breed than they once were. People behave differently and expect different things from conferences.

Being aware of these changes will help you to prepare for them and ensure your conference is keeping up with attendee expectations.

Be aware of short attention spans

With the bombardment of media and information overload, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. We lose interest quickly and look for novelty.

This means that more than ever you need to avoid dull presentations that drag on. Keeping the attention of your audience will require dynamic presentations, lots of variety … Read more »

3 quick tips for better event slideshows

Posted by: corina on Tuesday 17th April 2012
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Slideshows are useful tools for training events, workshops and seminars. When illustrating a point or going over complex material, slides are helpful in adding a visual element to your presentation.

Sadly though, slideshows have become infamous for being boring and less-than-helpful.

These three quick tips can help you to avoid the dreaded ‘death by Powerpoint‘ and use slides to improve your next event.

1. Slides are support beams, not foundations

Avoid relying on your slides as the bulk of your presentation. Reading directly from slides for long periods is a sure-fire way to bore your audience.

Reference your slides sparingly to illustrate your points. Use slides to show your most important points and the information … Read more »

6 event professionals tell us how they drive ticket sales

Posted by: corina on Thursday 12th April 2012
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We asked 6 event organisers for their number one tip to drive ticket sales. Check out their expert advice below:

Red Letter Management logo
#1: Make it as easy as possible to purchase tickets! A lot of people say they will come and then give up when the payment process is complicated.

Shona Smith
Event Director, Red Letter Management

The Positive Path logo

#2: Using social media is a phenomenal way to drive ticket sales for your event. The best way to ensure your event spreads virally is to offer an incentive to those who take the time to share your message. It can be as simple as a gift basket, backstage pass or some merchandise, something that won’t break the bank but is enough to … Read more »

38 quirky handmade gifts for your next event

Posted by: corina on Wednesday 11th April 2012
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Nobody wants to get the same old gifts at your event, so we’ve collected 38 ideas for handmade gifts. Most of these are so easy the kids can lend a hand, and will make your event memorable long after it’s over.

Sidewalk chalk


Not only is this an easy project, these colourful chalk sticks are just as much fun to make as they are to use.

Tile coasters


Who knew old tiles could be so handy? Tie four of these together with ribbon for a sweet coaster set.



The added pen pouch makes this lanyard pattern perfect for a conference or networking event. Try using fabric colours that match your event’s theme.

Lego cookies

Lego cookies

Everyone loves cookies, but it’s … Read more »

Audience engagement: does technology help or hinder your event?

Posted by: corina on Tuesday 10th April 2012
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There are so many exciting ways to integrate new technologies into your event, but do they help with audience engagement?

With Twitter hashtags users can follow your conversations and live tweets. Your audience can see Facebook updates, images and videos from your event as it happens. Location-based apps tell us who is at your event and let attendees find or meet others. Live blogging provides almost-real-time updates to those following along at home.

With so many possibilities, it’s easy to skip the question of “why” and jump right into thinking about “how” and “when” to integrate technology into your event. But perhaps we need to look more closely at how attendees use social media and other technologies to engage, and … Read more »

25 simple tips for writing winning blog posts

Posted by: corina on Thursday 5th April 2012
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To get the most out of your event blog you need to produce good quality content that your audience will want to share. Here are twenty-five of our top tips to help you improve your blog posts.

1. Collect ideas
Keep a list of possible themes or ideas that you can follow up on later. Evernote and Clipboard are handy tools for capturing ideas and keeping them organised.

2. Make notes
Whether you’re a fan of apps like Evernote or old-fashioned paper and pen, keep notes somewhere that you can find them again later. Personally I prefer using paper so I have the freedom to use doodles, mind maps and flow charts as well as simple lists.

NotesImage credit: English106Read more »

5 obvious social media mistakes and how to avoid them for your events

Posted by: corina on Wednesday 4th April 2012
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Broken window

Image credit: Nesster

1. Thinking it’s all about you

Are you focussing heavily on your brand image and pushing ticket sales for your event? Are you constantly checking your stats but struggling to improve them? Are you not getting the support you expect from your fans and followers online?

Your social media strategy should not be solely focussed on you and your event. Social media is about people. It’s about engagement and connections and community. If your strategy is heavily one-sided, you’re going to alienate your current and potential customers.

How to avoid this:

  • Share great content and ideas you find online, even when they’re not you’re own.
  • Promote other organisations and brands that complement yours.
  • Support others who
Read more »

5 Pinterest ideas you should steal for your next event

Posted by: corina on Tuesday 3rd April 2012
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Pinterest is everywhere. There are blog posts about this visual bookmarking site all over the web, examining its success and analysing its popularity. We’ve even covered it here at Eventarc.

It’s no secret that the team at Pinterest have done a lot of things right. Let’s look at 5 of the site’s biggest secrets to success and how you can use these at your next event.


Heavy on the visuals

Looking at Pinterest, the first thing you’ll notice is the highly visual nature of the site. The layout emphasises images, keeping text elements to a minimum.

Steal this idea:

  • Cut down on text elements at your next event and focus more on images. Use colours and themes to highlight
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Recapture the fun of social media for events

Posted by: corina on Monday 2nd April 2012
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Break the rulesImage credit: Ferrell McCollough

Remember when social media was fun? When only the cool kids knew how to use social networks, and it was still exciting? Remember the time before your business had to be present on social media? Before you had to follow industry leaders on Twitter and update your Facebook page twice a day?

It seems to be a regular staple of social media blogs to have rules, “best practice” guidelines and “must-follow” tips. Most of the time, these are great resources that can help you to develop a strong, productive social media plan. But it can also be easy to get overwhelmed with so many rules to follow.

What rules are you following in your social … Read more »

Why humble pie is a must for every event organiser’s diet

Posted by: corina on Wednesday 28th March 2012
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Humble pieImage credit: Joselito Tagarao

When was the last time you let your ego get carried away? I do it all the time. We all do. Accepting help or advice from others goes against our better nature to think we know everything, right? But organising an event is a mammoth task, and it takes a team of people to get it right.

Sometimes a slice of humble pie is exactly what we need.

You don’t know everything.

Nobody knows everything, not even you.

Everyone has different areas of expertise – use this. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience you have around you. In your office, in your building, in your neighbourhood – people who can help are all around you. … Read more »