Registration and Ticketing

Online registration and ticketing made easy – be up and running in under five minutes. If your event is free, then so are we.

Event information


Eventarc allows you to add all your critical event registration details.  Simple stuff, but still pretty important to get right.  You can set a date and time for your event, as well as an exact time for when online ticket sales close.  Add a new address for the location, or automatically apply a location from one of your previous events.

Eventarc automatically closes off sales at your requested time, displaying a message of your choice instead.  You can amend your event details at anytime, even after ticket sales have already commenced.

Ticket types and prices


Simple or complex ticketing requirements, we’ve got it covered.  Just add the name of your ticket, some supporting text, the total volume available and then the price.  It’s that easy.

Many events have multiple ticket types (child, adult, concession, etc), and Eventarc has been built to handle them all. Add as many as you need, including setting individual prices and volumes for each ticket type.  Your sales however will never exceed the total number of tickets available that you set.

Advanced ticketing


If you need a little bit more oomph, add an early bird price that automatically rolls over onto normal pricing on the specified date.  Great for encouraging people to register early!

You can also restrict the amount of tickets that can be purchase in a single transaction. Advanced ticketing gives you all that and more.

Custom fields


Some event registration packages only allow you to capture a generic set of information, which makes it tough if your event has unique requirements. Eventarc allows you to add any number of custom fields to your event registration page.

Need to know whether your attendees want chicken, beef or tofu? Just add a custom field and Eventarc handles the rest.  All fields that you make available to your ticket buyers are included in your event exports.

Create a free account with Eventarc and see how easy it is.