Design and Branding

We wanted to provide you with a registration page that didn’t look like every other generic ticketing product on the market.  So we gave you the tools to style your page almost anyway you want.

Upload Images


Eventarc gives you the ability to brand your ticketing page with your existing visual identity.  This can be done either through uploading your logo to the top of the page, or creating a branded image for the entire header.

There is also space for you to add another supporting image on the page.  Put up an event poster, a collection of sponsor logos or just a picture of your event location.  Anything you want really!

Colours, Fonts and Styles


Using the tools provided, you can set the colours for almost any element on the page.  Background, header and body colours are all changeable.  If you are technically inclined you can even add RGB or HEX values to make sure you get it exactly right.

All the fonts we use can be set in terms of both style and size.  We only allow you to select web-safe fonts, which helps to ensure that your page displays in a consistent manner for all your customers.



Once you have finished setting your colours and choosing your fonts, we give you the ability to save your creative as a theme.  This means that if you run multiple events, you don’t need to recreate the style each time you make a page.  Just choose your theme and away you go.

If you are not feeling particularly creative, feel free to choose one of our predefined templates instead.  Great looking registration pages without the need for any design skills.

Consistent Branding


Now that your registration page looks fantastic, there are a number of other areas that we apply your carefully crafted design to.

The thank you page, the “forward to a friend”, and the receipt sent via email all inherit the visual theme you have developed.  One consistent design applied across all the elements.

Create a free account with Eventarc and see how easy it is.