Eventarc is free for free events, and is available right now for you to signup.  Paid events incur a small service fee which is charged per transaction.


Free Events


We know we mention it a lot, but it really is true. If you are not charging for admission to your event, then Eventarc is free to use. Just create an account, make your registration page, and start receiving registrations to your next event online.

No more paper based forms, excel spreadsheets or missed phone calls. Just one central database of everyone that is attending.



If you want to sell tickets online, PayPal is a fantastic way of receiving the payments directly and in real time. You will need to create a PayPal account, but once you have one integrating with Eventarc is easy.

When your customers buy a ticket the money is pushed directly into your PayPal account. This makes it easier to control cash flow and pay suppliers prior to your event, as you always have access to your money.


Merchant Account

If you are an Australian based business and have your own merchant account, we can program your event to send the money directly to your own bank account. There is a small one off fee, but once the initial setup is done you are set.  You can read more about how to set up Eventarc with your own merchant account here.

Eventarc Account

For Australian based customers, we are more than happy to hold the ticketing funds on your behalf. Using bank grade security we process all your credit card transactions in real time.

There is a small extra fee to cover our costs of processing the credit card transactions, which you can choose to pass onto your ticket buyers as a booking fee.

Create a free account with Eventarc and see how easy it is.