Stop running around after paper forms, returning phone calls and chasing money that may or may not turn up.  Move online with Eventarc and experience event registration made easy.

Event Manager Dashboard


When you create an account with Eventarc, we give you access to your own event manager dashboard.  This is where you manage your event registrations, as well as create and edit events.

Your dashboard is where you access reporting, as well as the details of each of your attendees.

Attendee Exports


Collecting names and details via the phone and paper is annoying.  That’s why Eventarc allows you to capture all the details electronically and then export it into excel.

Once you have sold all your tickets, simply do one final export on the day of the event and use it to check off names at the door.  No more collating paper based forms, chasing up an RSVP and playing phone tag.

Real Time Reporting


Part of the problem with not using an online registration system to capture all your attendee details is that you never really know your position.  How many people are coming?  How much money have we made?

With Eventarc, you get access to real time information.  See at a glance how many tickets have been sold, how much money you have taken and who is coming along to your event.  Data is available in tabular and graphical form.

Create a free account with Eventarc and see how easy it is.