Charity Event Registration and Ticketing

Charity events are important for raising funds and awareness, but can be stressful to organize. Make your job a little easier by taking your event registration, ticketing, merchandise sales, and donations online with Eventarc.

Eventarc has been built with charities and not-for-profits in mind. We bring together multiple modules into a single, powerful event registration system to allow you to raise more money than ever before.

Make your event more than just ticket sales by also selling merchandise, raising donations and adding sponsorship profiles.

Online Registration for Charity Events with Eventarc

Why print, distribute and keep track of paper registrations when it can all be done online? You don’t need to be a computer programmer, as Eventarc is intuitively designed to make it easy for everyone. Simply signup for a free account, then create an online registration page for your charity event.

Registration pages are customizable and you can add your own images. This means your registration page can reflect the visual identity of your organization.

Once you’ve designed and published your event registration page, simply distribute the link and watch the numbers grow. All the data collected can be easily exported to your spreadsheet program which means no more data entry! With real time reporting you can keep track of registrants moment by moment, just by looking at your Eventarc dashboard.

Automated Ticketing for your Charity Event

Charity events run better with a reliable ticketing system. Eventarc takes care of your ticketing with very little effort on your behalf. After you’ve set up your event registration page, attendees simply fill in your registration form, enter their credit card details (if it’s a paid event), and then receive their ticket and tax receipt. As well as these being emailed automatically to them, they have the option to print their receipt and ticket immediately after registering.

On the day, simply export the data from all your sales, then check attendees off on the list. No need to count tickets and chase payments.

Create a free account with Eventarc and see how easy it is.

Free for free events

Free for free events

If you don't charge for your tickets, we don't charge you.

Easy to set up

Easy to setup

A visual interface with point and click registration setup.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting

Realtime updates on attendees and ticket sales.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Strong security makes all credit card transactions safe.

Save time

Save time

Design your theme once and then use it for every event you run.

Complete design control

Design control

Change fonts, colours and images to match your brand.