Registration for Training Workshops

When running a Training workshop, registering attendance can be easy and straightforward.  Just use Eventarc, the perfect online registration solution.

Training Workshops can be time consuming to organize, so you want to make sure your energies are focused on the most important tasks.  Take it from us – taking registrations and payments manually via paper and phone does not qualify as a good use of your time!

When you organize your next training workshop, try using Eventarc for your online registration and experience how much easier workshop planning can be.

How we can help maximize attendance at your next training workshop

So you’ve got the trainers organized, the materials printed and venue booked. Now all you need is attendees. While there is no sure-fire way to ensure a good turnout, here at Eventarc we believe the easier you make it for registrants to book, the more likely they are to signup.

Registering for training workshops with Eventarc is straightforward and quick. Once you’ve set up your event registration page, pass on the web link to potential attendees. From the online event registration page they can see all the event details and purchase tickets. Tickets and tax receipts are available for immediate printing, and are also emailed directly to attendees.

Our credit card payment system is safe and secure. which is one less thing for you to worry about. Filling in a web form has got to be easier than filling in paper-based registration forms and making a trip to the post office!

How Eventarc can help minimize the stress of organizing training workshops

Coordinating training workshops doesn’t have to be all about stress. While we can’t organize the venue and the trainers for you, Eventarc will make it much easier for you to set up your online event registration and automated ticketing.

Receiving registrations and payments for workshops used to mean a lot of paperwork and data entry. With Eventarc online event registration you won’t have to do any of this! The process is simple:

  • Create an Eventarc account – for free
  • Create a new event
  • Enter all the essential information about your training workshop – the name, date, location, description etc.
  • Using our intuitive software, style your event page to create a look and feel that reflects your organization’s visual identity. You can even save this as a theme so you can create your next event even quicker!
  • Download images from your computer or use images from the Eventarc image library.
  • Work out what information you need from your attendees, then add the appropriate fields – date of birth, address, extra phone numbers etc.
  • Got other information you need to collect, like special dietary requirements or accommodation needs? You can add custom fields (such as dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons) to your registration form.
  • Set your ticket types – Eventarc offers great flexibility when it comes to event tickets. You can add as many different ticket types as you like. Handy, for example, if you have a several day training workshop, but are offering tickets for individual days as well. Or you might want to have a group ticket so whole workplaces can register at once?
  • Eventarc is free for free workshops. If you’re charging for your training workshop, you’ll be prompted to set up payments when you’re entering ticket prices. Check out our pricing schedule.
  • Publish your event, then send the link to potential attendees.
  • Sit back and watch your registrations grow with realtime reporting. All the data you collect is available to be exported to excel at the click of a button, which means no more data entry.

Signup for a free account and use online registration for your next training workshop.

Free for free events

Free for free events

If you don't charge for your tickets, we don't charge you.

Easy to set up

Easy to setup

A visual interface with point and click registration setup.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting

Realtime updates on attendees and ticket sales.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Strong security makes all credit card transactions safe.

Save time

Save time

Design your theme once and then use it for every event you run.

Complete design control

Design control

Change fonts, colours and images to match your brand.