Seminar registration with Eventarc

Seminars and seminar registration can be easily handled with Eventarc – the perfect online registration tool for your next seminar.

Seminars can be challenging to plan – speakers, catering, facilities… there’s so much to organize! The last thing you need is to have to chase around after potential attendees for their RSVP and payment.

Eventarc can take care of all registration and payment issues for you, with a seamless online registration and payments solution that is perfect for any seminar.

Setup online registration for your seminar

Online registration and ticketing may sound complex and time consuming, but it really isn’t.  With Eventarc its easy, and a lot less work than paper-based registrations! To setup an event registration page for your next seminar, simply sign up for a free account and follow the prompts to create a new event.

Using our intuitive interface, you can style your event so it has the same look and feel of your organization.  Set the ticket types, prices and sale deadlines. Then simply publish your event to the web and it’s ready to promote. Simple.

Eventarc makes it easy to register for seminars.

When you’re trying to attract attendees to your seminar, the last thing you need is a complicated registration process. Lucky for you, Eventarc is easy and straightforward.

Registrants simply fill in your event registration page, enter their credit card details (if it’s a paid event), then print their automatically generated ticket. The ticket and receipt are emailed automatically to their inbox, meaning they always have the necessary details on hand.

The data entry and reporting is done for you.

Why spend hours rifling through paper registration forms and entering the data into spreadsheets when your attendees can do the work for you? When people register for your seminar online, they enter all the details you need. This data is available for you to export to your spreadsheet programme, all from your Eventarc dashboard.

Your Eventarc dashboard shows you all the vital statistics in real time at a glance, which means you can keep track of attendee numbers and plan accordingly. On the day all you need to do is do a final export, then use the list to check names off at the door.

Sign up for a free account today and find out how easy Eventarc is.

Free for free events

Free for free events

If you don't charge for your tickets, we don't charge you.

Easy to set up

Easy to setup

A visual interface with point and click registration setup.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting

Realtime updates on attendees and ticket sales.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Strong security makes all credit card transactions safe.

Save time

Save time

Design your theme once and then use it for every event you run.

Complete design control

Design control

Change fonts, colours and images to match your brand.