Sponsorship Pages – raise more with Eventarc

Event sponsorship pages are a great way for your event participants to raise more money for your cause.

Whether your event is a fun run, a head shave or just a simple sporting event, with an Eventarc sponsorship module each participant can setup their own personalized sponsorship page.  Their friends and family can then sponsor them online in real time, with all funds deposited directly with the event organizer.  Yet another way we help you to raise more online with Eventarc.

How do event sponsorship pages work?

If your event involves participants raising money as a part of their registration (for example a fun run), you have the option to use the Eventarc sponsorship module in conjunction with your event registration page.

When a participant signs up for your event, they will be prompted to personalize a sponsorship page with their own text and image. Participants then direct their network of family and friends to their online sponsorship page where they may sponsor their participation in your event.

Sponsorship payments are accepted via our secure credit card payment system, and receipts are automatically emailed to sponsors. It couldn’t be easier!

How Event Sponsorship Pages Benefit You

  • Easy to setup for both you and your participants. Sponsors will also find our interface easy to use.
  • Participants can personalize their page with their own text and image.
  • All sponsorship payments are made directly to you, the event administrator. Most importantly all credit card payments are safe and secure – which means peace of mind for you, your participants, and their sponsors.
  • When friends or family wish to sponsor a participant, they simply make a credit card payment online. Gone are the days when participants have to chase pledged payments!
  • Donation receipts are sent automatically via email, which means there’s no need to distribute paper receipts anymore.
  • With realtime reporting, both you and your participants can keep track of how much they’ve raised online. Throw away that calculator!

Create a free account and see how easy sponsorship pages can be.

Free for free events

Free for free events

If you don't charge for your tickets, we don't charge you.

Easy to set up

Easy to setup

A visual interface with point and click registration setup.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting

Realtime updates on attendees and ticket sales.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Strong security makes all credit card transactions safe.

Save time

Save time

Design your theme once and then use it for every event you run.

Complete design control

Design control

Change fonts, colours and images to match your brand.