Customizing messages for your event registration pages

Posted by: CC Thursday 8th October 2009
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Eventarc allows you to easily personalize your event with custom messages and emails.

1. When you have finished editing your event, you will be taken to the confirmation screen. This is where you customize your messages.


2. To edit any messages, click on the appropriate panel.


3. Place your cursor in the content area and simply type your message.


There are four different messages you can customize for your event.

A. Not available message


If your event has not yet begun or has passed, this message is displayed on your event registration page.

B. Thanks message


This message is displayed after someone has successfully registered for your event.

C. Email message


This message is included in the confirmation email that is sent to someone who has registered for your event.

D. Extra terms and conditions


This is where you can specify any additional terms and conditions for your event. This copy is displayed alongside the Eventarc terms and conditions.

To see an example of the customized messages in action, take a look at an example event.

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