Cool Business Card Ideas from our SXSW Trip

Posted by: Scott Friday 7th May 2010
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We recently jetted over to SXSW for networking, trade show promotion, learning, beer drinking and way too much Tex Mex food.  Before we left, we had a long hard think about whether we could produce a slightly more interesting business card than our current effort.

We wanted to stand out and be memorable, but after much brainstorming we decided to stick with what we had.


(Editors note:  In this instance, “much brainstorming” is roughly equivalent to about 24 minutes.  We tried!)

Luckily for us, other companies attending the conference were much more creative.  Here are just a few of some sweet looking business cards that we thought worthy of highlighting.  Hopefully they will give you some ideas next time you are looking for inspiration?

Lets kick off with the Big Daddy of them all, Google.

Google Business Card

Okay pretty boring I know, but it does at least have a QMcode on the back.  Good for quickly getting your data into someones smart phone.

Some interesting shapes here:

BFG Interactive

Root Orange

Then there is this one from Chris Pirillo.

Chris PirilloI love the thought that has gone into the back of that one.  It leaves you in no doubt as to how successful Chris has been, including the “#1 Chris on Google”!  Nice.

This one from Sweet Mobile Apps has a great play on the name, with a nutritional breakdown of their product (but unfortunately no URL?).

Sweet Mobile Apps

And finally, the best of them all.  As a concept this wins hands down for creativity and execution, not least because it now has my head on it!

Vitorio Miliano is a great guy if you ever get to meet him.  We spent many hours discussing the web over a number of glasses of lager, and when I saw his business card I pretty much demanded that he give me one!

It involved 1 Instamatic camera and 1 sticker to add to the back of the photo.

Vitorio Miliano

That’s Vitorio on the right, and a particularly bald looking Scott on the left.

So simple, yet so brilliant.

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