Adding products to your store

Posted by: CC Thursday 3rd June 2010
Categories: Merchandise

Adding items to your Eventarc store can be done by following the simple steps below.

1. Click on your store from the left hand menu


2. Click on the Add New Item button


3. Enter the Name and Description of your product. You can also choose to upload an associated image for your product.


4. On the following screen, select the option available for your product (size, colour etc) from the drop down list. You can then enter all the different types of options available.

Eventarc also allows you to set inventory levels for each item, so there is no risk of overselling a product.

Once you have added in the type of option, click on the ADD button. You can add as many types as you like.


5. When you have finished with your item, click on the SAVE button.

6. To add more items, repeat steps 1 to 5

You have now successfully added products to your store!

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