Ensuring your event registration receipts are GST compliant in Australia

Posted by: Scott Monday 5th September 2011
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If you are a business in Australia you are probably already familiar with our taxation system.  But did you know how to use Eventarc to ensure that the receipts you are issuing are GST compliant?  Let me show you.

First things first.  Not everyone needs to charge gst, so if you don’t then there is no need to worry about the rest of this post.  Visit the ATO for their Guide to GST.

If you decide you do need to charge GST, then you need to account for that on your event receipts. When using Eventarc, we assume that your GST is inclusive in your price.  i.e.  We don’t add 10% at the end of the process, but assume that you have already included it in your ticket price.

To switch this on, edit your event and go through to the second page of the event creator.  Select “Goods and Services Tax”:

Apply gst to your event ticket receipt

and then put a tick in the box for “tickets”.

Put gst on tickets

On the same page over to the right there is a section to add some very important text to your receipt.  Select the area for “receipt footer text”:

Add extra text for your event receipt

and add in your ABN, organisation name and your address if necessary.

Click submit, and you are done!

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