What you could be missing by not using social media for your event

Posted by: Scott Monday 5th December 2011
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Social media is such a new space that many organisations are hesitant to jump in. If you’re new to social media or are thinking about adding it to your marketing plan, here are some of the benefits you could be tapping into.


No organisation wants to be left behind when it comes to new and exciting products and services. Social media is such a new and flexible area, that it offers a multitude of ways to become an innovator in your industry.

From taking your event outside the box to making social media a natural part of your event, social media and other emerging technologies offer new possibilities we could once only dream of. For instance, The Vancouver Opera created innovative social media-related events such as Blogger’s Night at the Opera to reach new audiences.

By adding social media into your marketing plan, you may be just catching up to others in your industry. Using the technology in new ways to connect with your customers and make your event more dynamic and interactive is where the innovation will happen.


Some of your customers won’t use social media. They might not know what Twitter is? They may have never read a blog and they might not even understand email. It’s likely however, that some of your customers will. These are the customers you are not reaching if you don’t use social media.

It is important to go where your customers are, to interact with them on their turf.

By reaching out to customers in a way that resonates with them you are more likely to encourage engagement and interaction, which should lead to more sales.


By interacting with customers and event attendees through social media, you can gain valuable insights that may otherwise be lost. Online surveys, social networks, blog comments and user forums all offer ways to gather direct feedback from your customers.

Myth or not, we’ve all heard that old adage that an unhappy customer will tell ten friends about their experience. With social media, this changes in two ways: people tell their friends publicly – you can essentially eavesdrop on conversations about your brand, industry or your own event to see what people are saying about it; secondly, people can talk directly to you and offer feedback that you can use.

Using social media offers a new way to collect feedback and insights from your customers to improve your future events and marketing efforts.

It may be scary to jump in the deep end of social media, but taking it one step at a time, you can weave social media tools into your marketing and communications plans in a way that suits your organisation and your customers.

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