How live-blogging your event can increase audience numbers

Posted by: Scott Tuesday 10th January 2012
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Live-blogging is a recent trend that has been seen at all kinds of events – from tech industry events to news coverage, to the Academy Awards. Essentially live-blogging means to continually update a single blog post in ‘real-time’ as the event unfolds, noting the highlights as they take place. Far from making it unnecessary to attend your event, live-blogging offers many benefits in promoting your event and increasing audience numbers in the future.

Let’s take a look at three ways this could lead to an increase in future audience numbers.

Add more value for those already attending

For those who are already at your event, the better it is the more likely they will return in the future. Live-blogging your event (which includes using micro-blogging services like Twitter can add more value for those in attendance.

By highlighting the best features, activities or performances as they occur, you will encourage a better experience for people who may have missed those highlights otherwise. You can also add background information during the event , to explain or increase understanding of information during Q&A sessions, panel discussions or presentations. Not only will your attendees be able to follow along during the event if they have mobile Internet devices with them, but if you keep the blog post available after the event, they can catch up on sections they may have missed when they get home.

Show off the best parts for those at home

If you have customers who are interested in your event but are not able to come along, keeping them informed as the event progresses is a great way to show them what they are missing, and encourage them to attend next time. Highlights as mentioned above are useful for people at home, as well as extra information they would be able to get if they were attending your event. Using media such as video highlights, audio interviews and photos will help those at home to get a better idea of what the event is like, and whether they would like to be a part of it. This may also be a good time to offer a discount or promotion on tickets to your next event!

Increase interaction and engagement for all

The great thing about live-blogging is that it happens as the event takes place. This means that those at home who play along, and those keeping track while at the event, can interact with you (and each other!) as the event unfolds. Collecting reactions and comments from your attendees is a great way to add ‘real person’ opinions to your live-blog, to give an unbiased view of the event to those who are not attending. You can also take this opportunity to answer questions about your brand, and the activities taking place during the event, or to run a competition with those who are attending.

By getting people engaged and interested in what’s happening, you can offer a well-rounded view of what your event is like. Showing highlights of the event and comments from those who do attend can increase excitement (and jealousy!) in those who were not there. If you take this opportunity to run a promotion or discount on tickets to a future event, you may be impressed at the increase in sales as a result of your live-blogging efforts!

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