6 ways to promote your event with Google+

Posted by: Scott Tuesday 6th March 2012
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If Google+ is still unexplored territory for your organisation, try these six tips to get involved and start promoting your event.

1. Set up a brand page

Late last year, Google+ began offering brand pages. With brand pages, you can circle any user who first circles your page, which creates an opt-in barrier for brand content. Start by creating an engaging page with a full bio and high-quality images.

Google Plus Photos
Make your pictures high quality and engaging to stand out from the crowd

You can then customize a Google+ badge to add to your website or event listing and promote your brand page.

2. Find out who your followers are

Plus Demographics is a tool that offers analytical data on the users who have circled your page. While the service does charge a fee for personal or brand page reports, a global report is available to view online for free. This report will give you a basic understanding of the social network’s users, and how they spend their time. Understanding which other networks they belong to, for instance, will give you a good idea of the type of content that will be most popular on Google+.

3. Grow your network with Circles

With Google+ Circles, you can create different groups of contacts to help you share effectively. While you still have the option of sharing publicly, you can post updates to specific circles as well. This gives you the option to share information with your guest speakers or members of your organisation privately, as well as promoting your event publicly to all of your followers.

G+ Circles
With drag-and-drop, creating Circles on Google+ is easy

If your event covers several areas of focus, you can split the participants into circles as well, to make sharing more effective and engaging.

4. Host hangouts

Hangouts is Google+’s video chat service. Hosting a Hangout is free, and you can add up to nine other users to chat with you. This could be a useful way to host a Q&A session with one or more members from your organisation talking about your upcoming event. You could also use it as a platform to discuss your industry in general, including topics that will be covered at your event as an introduction.

5. Share content

Sharing content is an effective way to promote your business online. With Google+, each update offers a conversation thread, similar to Facebook comments. You can tag other users, +1 their content (similar to Facebook’s Like button), and reshare it on your page if it’s a public post. When you reshare content, you also have the option of adding your own comments before posting. These features make Google+ an effective tool for generating and following discussions around the content you share.

6. Use instant-upload

Touted as Google+’s “killer feature” by some, instant-upload from Android is something that can save time and make sharing much easier. With this feature turned on, any photos and videos captured on your phone are automatically uploaded into a private album. Only you can view these images, and choose which of them to share with your Google+ or email contacts. Using this during your event will make it easy to share highlights with your followers. This feature is currently available on Android only, with the Google+ Android app.

Have you created a Google+ brand page? Which feature of the social network do you like the most so far? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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