38 quirky handmade gifts for your next event

Posted by: corina Wednesday 11th April 2012
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Nobody wants to get the same old gifts at your event, so we’ve collected 38 ideas for handmade gifts. Most of these are so easy the kids can lend a hand, and will make your event memorable long after it’s over.

Sidewalk chalk


Not only is this an easy project, these colourful chalk sticks are just as much fun to make as they are to use.

Tile coasters


Who knew old tiles could be so handy? Tie four of these together with ribbon for a sweet coaster set.



The added pen pouch makes this lanyard pattern perfect for a conference or networking event. Try using fabric colours that match your event’s theme.

Lego cookies

Lego cookies

Everyone loves cookies, but it’s fun to try something new now and then. These lego cookies will be a hit with kids and adults alike, and add a splash of colour to your event.

Teacup candles

teacup candles

Use up mismatched teacups (or grab some for cheap at an op-shop) with these cute candles.

Fabric keychains

fabric keychains

Whether you use old fabric scraps or themed prints to match your event, these hand-stitched keychains will be a hit.

Party popcorn

party popcorn

Another twist on an old favourite: a drizzle of white chocolate and some coloured sprinkles make this party popcorn a fun treat for take-home bags or table snacks.

Washer necklaces

washer necklace

These cute necklaces made from washers can easily be branded with your event or brand name.

Winter bottles

winter bottles

These winter bottles are super easy to make, and look great as table decorations or place settings.

Cup sleeves

cup sleeve

These coffee cup sleeves are sure to be popular at conferences and networking events.

Earring bookmarks

earring bookmarks

What better way to use up those odd earrings you have lying around than by making them into bookmarks?

Toilet roll gift boxes

toilet roll gift box

These gift boxes are incredibly easy to make and look fantastic. Try printing names on the labels and using them as place-cards.

Hair comb

hair comb

These hair combs make cute gifts for mothers and daughters alike.

Magazine coasters

magazine coasters

Made from old magazine pages, these coasters are original and fun.

Fish soap

fish soap

Who knew cleanliness could be this cute? Kids will adore taking home these fish-in-a-bag soaps.

Corner bookmark

corner bookmark

Another unbelievably easy project, these book monsters take very little time and just a dash of imagination.

Heart ornaments

heart ornaments

Perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays – these felt ornaments are a good choice any time of the year.

Newspaper bags

newspaper bags


Newspaper gift bags make a great out-of-the-box choice.

Friendship bracelets

friendship bracelets

Always a hit with kids, these bracelets are easy to make and fun to swap and share.

Origami candle holder

origami star candle holder

Dress up ordinary tea lights with these funky origami candle holders.

Yarn balls

yarn balls

Make these yarn balls in colours that match your theme to create unique decorations.

Birdseed ornaments

birdseed ornaments

Whether they hang on a Christmas tree or out in the backyard, these birdseed ornaments are great gifts.

Paint swatch gift boxes

paint swatch boxes

Another unique way to package take-home gifts or snacks is in these gift boxes made from paint swatches.

String-covered bottles

string covered bottles

These string-covered (or yarn-covered) bottles are great decorative pieces, but they would also make original place settings with names attached.

Tape magnets

tape magnets

These magnets are so easy to make, you could create sets of 4 or 5 and use a variety of tapes to mix them up.

Macaroni snowflakes

macaroni snowflakes

How long has it been since you made something from macaroni? These snowflake ornaments are perfect for winter or Christmas events.

Egg basket cookies

egg basket cookies

Easter might be over, but kids will go nuts for these tasty egg basket cookies any time of year.

Bowtie paperclips

bowtie paperclips

These bookmarks would make great teachers’ gifts. Try leaving off the tails to create a more masculine looking bow-tie.

Paper cookie box

paper cookie box

Looking for a funky way to package those sweet treats you’ve made? These boxes are fun and easy to make.


scratchiesThese scratchies are so easy to make, you’ll want to use them at every event!

Tape bags

tape bag

Would you believe these cute gift bags are made from nothing but patterned tape and envelopes?

Bottle cap magnets

bottle cap magnets

Add your brand or event logo to these bottle-top magnets for an original marketing tool.

Wrapped bracelets

wrapped bracelets

Another easy gift that you can create in your event’s colour scheme are these wrapped bracelets.

Newspaper basket

newspaper basket

Made with the same weave as the magazine coasters, this newspaper basket is handy and fun. You could also make it from magazines or card stock.

Twig candle holder

twig candle holder

The natural look of these candle holders gives them a great feel when lit from the inside. Try making different sized versions as shown above.

Envelope gift bags

envelope gift bags

A perfect way to add your brand name and logo to take-home gifts: make these gift bags from envelopes and add a sticker to the outside.

Pringles cookie holders

pringles cookie holders

Another cute way to package snacks is in these tubes made from Pringles containers.

Lego jars

lego jars

These lego jars would make great snack containers or place cards for school events.

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