3 tips for encouraging word-of-mouth about your event

Posted by: corina Monday 30th April 2012
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Word-of-mouth is generally considered one of the best ways to promote a product or service. When it comes to your event, word-of-mouth is a useful method of increasing awareness and attracting new attendees.

Encourage your attendees to recommend your next event to friends and family with these three tips.

1. Make it easy to share

Making it easy to get the word out is your first step. Making it easy to find your social media accounts will help your attendees to follow and connect with you. Add details like your website, Twitter handle and Facebook URL to your promotional materials and your event website.

Having brochures or fliers available for attendees to take will encourage sharing as well. Make sure these materials are easy to find and have clear details about where to purchase tickets for your event.

Adding a phone number to promo materials is a good way to reach potential attendees who don’t spend much time online. For printed materials in particular, having a mixture of standard contact details and online sharing methods will help you to reach a wider audience.

2. Create incentives

For those who enjoy your event and love to share, it won’t be hard to encourage them to tell their friends. For others, they may need a nudge in the right direction.

Offering a prize is a great way to encourage sharing. This could be a free ticket or bonus merchandise with a ticket purchase. It could also be a prize for attendees whose friends sign up as a direct result of their invite. This encourages follow-through as well as simply raising awareness.

To encourage attendees to bring along friends and family, special deals or discounts may help. A 2-for-1 ticket deal or a group discount is a great incentive for attendees to share your event.

3. Follow-up

While a broken record is no fun to listen to, reminders do make a difference.

During your event, bring attention to the various ways attendees can share with friends. Point out your social media accounts, website URL and any physical promo materials available. As people exit, a poster or stack of fliers by the door is a good reminder as well.

Using social media, you can post reminders for those who enjoyed your event to share with friends. Most importantly, this is a good way to monitor who is talking about your event and thank those that spread the word. Public thank-yous to those who help you get the word out will serve as subtle reminders for others to do the same, as well as showing your appreciation.

Do you find word-of-mouth to be an effective marketing strategy? How do you encourage attendees to share your event?

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