Eventarc in 2014: A new approach to Event Registration

Posted by: Michael Calle Monday 20th January 2014
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If you haven’t already heard, we’ve been seriously busy at Eventarc.

Back in December we announced a new version of Eventarc was on the way to thunderous (kind of) applause. This new version of Eventarc not only brings an all new user interface to the table, but also completely rebuilds Eventarc from the ground up to be both faster and more stable. We’ve got our sights set on launching in the next month, but thought we’d show you guys a little bit of what to expect from the new Eventarc.

Event Registration Tutorial

Our new tutorial will get you up to speed in no time.

Event Registration Summary

Eventarc’s revamped event summary gives you all your event’s info in one easy-to-glance snapshot.

Event Registration Style Editor

All your event’s styling in one place. Get your event looking pretty easier.

Event Registration Form

Build registration forms with drag to drop using prebuilt form fields or completely customised fields.

We’re hoping to go live within the month with our solid list of beta testers from our announcement in December. If you’d like to give the new Eventarc a shot before anyone else, let us know and we’ll add you to the list!

How about apps?

While we’ve been building the new Eventarc, we also began exploring new ways we could bring our new vision for Eventarc to our current iOS app. Our current app feels a little bit like a one trick pony, allowing you to only really check in attendees to your event. It also started looking a little bit dated amidst the new design language of iOS 7. So we’ve begun to rebuild our iOS app as well.

With our new app, you’ll be able to do more than just check in your attendees. Need a quick overview of your event’s ticket sales? You’re covered. Want to browse your attendees? It’s right there to see. Need to share your event to your social networks on the fly? It’s all in the app. The new Eventarc iOS app will allow you to keep tabs on your event on the go as well as being your event day bible for all your registration needs.

New registration pages

As well as a new back end for users, we’ll be launching all new registration pages for Eventarc. Our primary goals in redesigning our registration pages were to make the registration process easier to complete, simpler to navigate and responsive for mobile devices. Oh, and we wanted it to look prettier. We’ve been working hard on these four goals and we’re happy to finally give you all a little glimpse into our new pages.

event registration pages

See. Pretty huh? We’ve spent a lot of time fine-tuning the registration flow and rebuilding the underlying architecture of these pages to excel under the type of surge-traffic event registration products can be exposed to. You can rest easy knowing that Eventarc can handle all the traffic you can throw at it!

All new sponsorship & donation modules

Along with those brand new registration pages comes an all new sponsorship and donations system. With our new pages, we’ve completely rethought how sponsorship and donations work so that it’s easier for event organisers to set up, simpler for attendees to share their pages and effortless for donors to pledge to the cause.

We’ll also be rolling in a new ‘Teams’ system that will allow attendees to raise funds as a team. This is one that’s been highly requested for a while so we’re excited to finally get it out of the door and into your dashboard!

Have something else in mind?

Lastly, we want to turn the floor over to you, our Eventarc customers. You’re the reason our Eventarc exists and we want to know how we can build a better experience for all Eventarc users with your help. What’s important to you in Eventarc? What could you do without? What would you like to see us add next? What could we do better?

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3 Responses to “Eventarc in 2014: A new approach to Event Registration”

  1. Nyssa Says:

    Sounds great guys, can’t wait to see it!

    As to what comes next, we’d love to see an Android app… 🙂

  2. Sami Laiho Says:

    What about lead tracking? Would have a big need for this…

    Great job!

  3. Sami Laiho Says:

    Oh, and wouldn’t mind having a Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 App.

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