Adding images to your event

Posted by: CC on Wednesday 30th September 2009
Categories: Images

Eventarc allows you to customize your event registration page with your own images, logo and header.

If you aren’t sure how to create an event registration page, take a look at this article on creating a new event.

Ready? Then let’s begin.

1. In event editor mode, click on the ‘Images’ tab to view the options available.


2. To upload your image, click on the ‘New Image’ panel.


3. Click on the ‘Upload’ button to upload your image. Select the image file you would like to upload. Eventarc will now upload your image.

4. You will now have the option to insert your image into one of these three locations:

  • Full header
  • Logo header
  • Page image

The sample images … Read more »

What are the ideal dimensions for my images?

Posted by: CC on Friday 25th September 2009
Categories: Images

Eventarc has provision for three different images.

While our ticketing software is clever enough to resize any image you upload, you should take note of the recommended image sizes outlined below.

Full header image – 740 pixels wide
Logo – 250 pixels wide
Page image – 260 pixels wide and no more than 520 pixels high

If you adhere to the prescribed image sizes, your event registration pages will look a whole lot better!… Read more »

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