How to find the right people for your event online

Posted by: Scott on Thursday 8th December 2011
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Whether you are trying to attract people to your event through Internet marketing, social networks or by reaching out to influential bloggers, you want to put your efforts into finding the right people – people who are interested in your products or services, your brand and your event.

Here are some tips on how to track down these rare gems online.

Search social networks

Most social networks offer search functions of some kind. Try to find the most advanced search features to really narrow down the results.

Twitter Search
Twitter’s advanced search lets you carefully filter search results.

Searching for mentions of your brand, event name or your products or services will lead you to those who already have an idea of … Read more »

Tips for Selling More Tickets to your Event

Posted by: Scott on Tuesday 6th December 2011
Categories: Marketing

When it comes to event planning, there are a number of ingredients that are poured into the mix to ensure your eventual success. One of the most important parts of the process is selling tickets, as without a good turn out it is easy to lose the motivation to keep running events.

Here are a few little tips to help you on your way to selling more tickets to your event.

Invest in an Online Presence

No matter what your event, where it is or what it’s in aid of, you need to have an online presence in order to promote it. Social media properties such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can help your cause by directing your potential attendees … Read more »

Using Your Database To Drive Attendance At Your Next Event

Posted by: Scott on Friday 2nd December 2011
Categories: Marketing

Having access to a database of contacts or potential clients is like having your own personal pot of gold. Referring back to those who have previously been in attendance at one of your events can be an excellent way of driving future event growth.

But how do you convince previous attendees to attend future events?

Converting Your Database Into Customers

You’ve got the contacts, now how do you market yourself to them in such a way that they take notice? You need to be smart about it.

Before you write anything or contact anyone, start off by constructing an effective marketing plan. Keeping your end goal in mind, plan out each step of the process of communication and then begin … Read more »

5 creative ways to use QR codes in marketing your event

Posted by: Scott on Monday 28th November 2011
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Quick response codes, or QR codes, connect digital materials and the online world with real-life. In promoting your event, QR codes can help you to provide more information to your potential attendees. Even better, it provides this information on their phone, right in the palm of their hand.

If you’re not sure what a QR code is, check out this short video from market rumba to see what they can do:

QR codes can do many things, from adding contact info to your address book to providing multi-media content on your phone. Here are some great ways to take advantage of this technology to help your attendees make the most of your event.

Help them get the schedule

For … Read more »

6 Events You Can Run To Raise Money For Your Cause

Posted by: Scott on Friday 25th November 2011
Categories: Event Planning, Marketing

Raising money for a cause is not an easy task. People can be hesitant to part ways with their cash, and while you think you have a worthy cause, not everyone will agree. Having an events plan as part of your overall fundraising strategy can really help.

Below are six events you could host that would not only interest the public, but would also allow people to feel comfortable when it comes to handing over their money. The trick is to be clever about the event you host, how you publicise it and who it is you ask to get involved.

1. Host a Formal Benefit or Gala Event

While it sounds expensive to run, if you’re wise about how … Read more »

How to make your content ripe for sharing for your next event

Posted by: Scott on Tuesday 22nd November 2011
Categories: Latest News, Marketing

Social media offers the perfect tools for sharing with friends and family. Through the social circles of those attending your event, you can reach many new customers who may not have heard about your organisation before.

Getting people to share your content online is not as easy as it sounds though. If you’ve asked those in your immediate network to help you out once or twice already, what else can you do?

This is where content marketing comes into play. The basic idea of content marketing is to develop content outside of your immediate needs – content that will be useful and valuable to your audience – in order to garner more support for your bottom-line products, i.e. event tickets.… Read more »

Eventarc founders interviewed on TheNextweb

Posted by: Scott on Tuesday 31st August 2010
Categories: Latest News, Marketing

We were recently interviewed on TheNextWeb on what it is like running a startup in Melbourne.  The resulting video is embedded below!

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Is this what your support requests look like?

Posted by: Scott on Friday 16th July 2010
Categories: Marketing

This may be our favourite support ticket of all time!

“We are using your product to schedule training worskhops. EventArc has been an absolute life saver, making scheduling and enrolment for courses quick, efficient and seamless.

We plan to move more of the training scheduling onto EventArc, including the fee paying courses. Thanks heaps for a great product.”

Normally a support ticket means a customer needs help. This one just meant that they loved our service!

Great way to start the day.… Read more »

Conversion statistics, rodents of unusual size and the finest swordsman that ever lived

Posted by: Scott on Tuesday 18th May 2010
Categories: Conversions, Marketing, Startup

When you first launch your web application, there is one MASSIVE hurdle that stands in between you and enormous bundles of cash.  We weren’t initially aware of it ourselves, but over time it became clear.

It’s about conversions.

The path from interested prospect to paying customer is filled with so many holes, walls and mountains that it is a wonder that anyone, anywhere ever gives you any money.


You know that smooth “conversion funnel” you built to allow people to sign up and interact with your product?

It’s really only a funnel shape in your head.  It is not smooth, and it is most definitely NOT linear.  Customers don’t gleefully slide down it as they rush to give you … Read more »

Why our old signup page was pants

Posted by: CC on Wednesday 12th May 2010
Categories: Marketing, Startup

In an effort to increase our conversion rates we recently decided to redesign our sign-up page (again). The very first incarnation of this page involved six input fields. We realised this may have been a possible deterrent for users so we stripped it back.

Right back.

Maybe we went a little too far.

OK. We know. Hindsight is 20/20. We now realise it might have been a bit extreme, but we had our reasons at the time.


  • Minimal fields
  • Simplicity = no distractions


  • Is this too sparse?
  • This doesn’t look like the page I just came from. Where the heck am I?

We’re man enough to admit when we make a mistake (ie: we blamed it on the … Read more »