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Booking fee
$1 + 3% of the ticket value per ticket. Maximum fee of $15 per ticket.
Credit card processing fees
2.5% of total transaction value. Get started now!

Why people love Eventarc

  • Powerful and simple to use interface
  • Create beautiful registration pages that match your brand
  • Reduce your paperwork and administration
  • Sell out events faster
  • Outrageously good customer service
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Happy Eventarc clients include State Library of Victoria, Queensland Government, Vodafone Foundation, Australian Insitute of Sport and Mother's Day Classic

Alternative payment methods

Most customers use Eventarc to process their credit cards but there are other options. Paypal is available if you have an account (approximately 2.4% + 0.30c per transaction). We can also integrate directly with your own merchant account for a once off fee of $395. Contact us to find out more about these options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my attendees get a ticket?

They sure do. When a customer registers for your event we present them with a bar coded e-ticket right there on the page, as well as via email.

How about a receipt?

Receipts are automatically emailed to the attendee when they buy a ticket for paid events. The receipt can be used as a GST compliant tax receipt in Australia.

Is there a setup fee?


How are donations and merchandise charged?

Non-ticket transactions are charged at a flat rate of 3% booking fee (uncapped) + 2.5% payment processing fee.

Do you handle refunds?

If you use Eventarc to process the payments, then we allow you to handle the refunds right from within the application.

What credit cards can Eventarc process?

If you are using Eventarc's payment processing system you will be able to process payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards

How do I handle cash, cheque and direct transfers?

If a customer wants to buy a ticket online then they need to pay via credit card. Event organisers also have the ability to process cash, cheque and direct debit entries into the system.

Why I should sign up now?

Online event registration is easier, quicker, more efficient and more profitable than handling sales offline. Once you go online you will never want to go back to your old way of working

Eventarc is the best way for you to manage online registration and ticketing for your event. Try us for free