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You can setup and create an event in minutes with Eventarcs easy to use event creator. Its free to use Eventarc for free events.

Start creating events now

Manage events & attendees

From simple small events to complex events with tens of thousands of attendees.

Events look great!

Style your event to match your brands look and feel


Create an event in just seconds with our easy to use editor

Watch us create an event quickly and easily


Eventarc has been built to satisfy the needs of over 14 thousand event managers.


You can create as many types of tickets as you want. They can be free, cost money or have an earlybird price.

Discount codes

Discout codes can be percentage or fixed price based. You can set them up just for specific tickets or all tickets. They can even have an expiry date.

Look and feel

From the background image to ticket colours, its all pretty easy to make your event look good.


Eventarc provides a number of reports that are easy to view and use in Excel.

Custom fields

Eventarc allows you to create as many fields for your attendees to fill in as you need. get for your event.


Once your attendees have registered, you can send group emails to all your attendees to keep them updated with your event, or perhaps a new one


Free events

Fee: $0.00

Not charging for your event? Then we won't charge you either. No hidden charges, no setup costs.

Seriously, it's free!

Paid events

Fee: $1.00 + 3% + creditcard fee

The booking fee is $1 + 3% of the ticket value per ticket. Maximum fee of $15 per ticket.

The credit card fee is either 2.5% if using Eventarc or if using Stripe its 1.75% + 30c *

* See here for Stripes fees:


41903 Events
2362735 Number of tickets
56932008 Tickets sold ($$)
14043 Happy clients

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